Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Kaogoshima University
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Our department educates student who can contribute to the development of engineering and industry through studies in the fields of environment, energy, process and inorganic materials from the viewpoint of chemical engineering.

We offer a special educational program, which has been accredited as a Chemical Engineering Course by Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) since fiscal 2004. Students who have completed our course can receive a special exemption to skip the first stage examination of Professional Engineer (P.E. Jp), and can become an Associate Professional Engineer (As. P. E. Jp) after registration. Alumni will also earn another privilege to be enrolled as an Associate Professional Chemical Engineer (APCE) without examination if you join The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ).

The central feature of our curriculum is that we offer a lot of opportunities to listen to lectures given by our alumni or company representatives. More than half of our students go on to graduate school. The MSc course curriculum is two years, during which graduate students can study further and add to their experience to become talented researchers or engineers in the future.

Since chemical engineering is a systematic discipline concerned with the way of thinking necessary for chemical engineers to work in companies, there are a lot of opportunities in a variety of fields involving chemical processes. Alumni get jobs in a number of fields including not only the hemical industry but also machinery, electronics, foods, environment, etc. Employment opportunities for our department students are quite good with almost 100% of them finding jobs.

The second feature of our department is the small class size in one grade (35 students), which enables our staff members to follow up students more effectively. The network established among students and teachers will be of assistance to you in the world of work after graduation. Another noteworthy feature is that we have rather a high proportion of foreign students, accounting for over 10% of new students in fiscal 2011. Four of 38 students are from abroad (China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia). Why not join us to learn and study together for the future of the earth?

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